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Yonesawara Hospital

  • Genre: Horror / Adventure, Stealth
  • Camera View: First Person
  • Game Modes: Single Player
  • Developer: DorsalFin Studio
  • Release Date: August 19, 2022
  • Languages: English
  • Available on: Steam

A horror game set in an abandoned hospital? Now that sounds like a fresh concept. Or is there more to it than meets the eye? Indeed, Yonesawara Hospital isn't just your average spooky affair. And that’s because the developers at DorsalFin Studio have done their homework, modeling their virtual hospital after real hospital ruins in Japan. As a result, the game also includes an addidtional exploration mode that allows you to roam free of demonic disturbances.

Moreover, Yonesawara Hospital's soundscape sticks closer to "reality", eschewing orchestral or synthesized drama when demons or ghosts make their appearance. Therefore, it all sounds pretty much like what you'd expect if the gates of hell were to open and spit out a satanic creation into the hospital corridors.

Surprisingly, the game's main antagonist becomes even more terrifying due to this absence of cinematic sounds. But more on that in a sec; first, here's what DorsalFin Studio has to say about their 2022 release:

Story: In 1978, the clinic went out of business due to the sudden disappearance of the director. Ten years later, a phone call to an investigator sets the story in motion. What happened to the director? The investigator goes to the abandoned clinic to track down the disappearances that took place in the past.

Stage of the game: We created an abandoned clinic based on actual ruins based in Japan.

Exploration mode for those who are not good at horror games: We have implemented a ruin exploration mode with no horror elements at all, which can be played even by those who are not good at horror games. You can explore the ruins in various situations such as in the morning, noon, and night. You can use the camera function to take pictures of the ruins in the Exploration Mode.

The game mainly revolves around uncovering the dark secrets of this seemingly isolated location, while, from a certain point in the game, a sinister "Scorpion Man" starts hunting you. This creature, difficult to describe and presumably male, moves with its arms while lying on its chest, carrying its elongated upper body high like a scorpion. To add to the scare factor, its muscles and internal organs are grotesquely visible.

However, the truly terrifying aspect of this demonic pursuer is the ominous sounds it makes. These are produced by the wooden floors of the hospital and the heavy weight of its body, creating one of the most menacing antagonists I've experienced in a horror game... Hats off to that!

Also central to the horror is a ghostly pale nurse who doesn't actively chase you but instead drives the plot forward and might give you a scare or two. Progress in the game, as is common in horror games, is linked to solving puzzles, focusing more on exploration and keen observation than on intellectual challenges.

Finally, don't let the silent text intro of the game fool you. Yonesawara Hospital has much more horror in store than you might initially suspect.