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Yes, here’s more info on this site and the scary dude behind it.


As you might have already seen on the homepage, IaTCC’s Little Horror Place is all about the immersive art of horror gaming. Platform doesn’t matter here because I’m well-versed in most common systems, being a fan of both PC and consoles. Except Xbox, sorry. Btw, the name’s Alex and yeah, that’s me in the pic (kind of).

I work professionally with video games. Alongside video game journalism, I also work as a composer and sound designer at a small indie studio based in Germany. But that’s just background info for you as I prefer to leave my day job behind on this website.

Of course, IateTheCheshireCat’s Little Horror Place benefits from my work, as I have to review countless games and thus know many hidden gems. But I also enjoy hunting for games in my free time, especially since not every developer can afford a PR agency or extensive advertising.

I’m a Treasure Hunter

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School
For example, I stumbled upon the Korean horror title White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (2001) during one of these personal "treasure hunts". Back then, not only the game itself was brutally intense, but I also had to go through hell to get it running on my computer.

Thankfully, there are now versions that run smoothly—and White Day is just one reason why for me modders and translators are some of the coolest people on Earth. Thanx

I probably don't need to mention that I'm a hardcore horror fan. My love for horror games dates back to my childhood, even though there weren't any "real" horror games back then. In the early days of the genre, a horror game was usually a platformer with fluttering bedsheets and silly skeletons.

Bad Sound, Bad Horror Game

Beyond the Forbidden Forest
It wasn't until the heyday of 8-bit computers, around the mid-80s, that software like Beyond the Forbidden Forest (see picture) or Aliens: The Computer Game at least partially qualified as horror. This was largely due to the notable sound capabilities of these machines, as horror fans know that few other genres rely so heavily on sound.

Because if the sound of a horror game is bad, then its atmosphere is also bad. And if the atmosphere is bad, well, then the game usually isn't scary either. Jump scares don’t count here, although there are certainly clever and appealing representatives in this area.

Some of my favorite horror games today include:

  • Project Zero (actually all games in the series)
  • White Day
  • F.E.A.R. 1+2
  • Home Sweet Home Ep1
  • Silent Hill 1, 3+4
  • Echo Night Beyond
  • The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation
  • The Thing
  • Soma
  • Resident Evil 0, 2, 4+8
  • Detention
  • Ikai
  • Araya

White Day 2: The Flower That Tells Lies
I think now you have a rough idea of what kind of person is behind this website and thus, how IaTCC’s Little Horror Place rolls. By the way, if you’re browsing through the game introductions and feel like there's a specific horror game missing, feel free to let me know. And now, I wish you a lot of spooky fun!