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Hollow Cocoon

  • Genre: Horror / Adventure
  • Camera View: First Person
  • Game Modes: Single Player
  • Developer: Nayuta Studio
  • Release Date: December 7, 2023
  • Languages: Multi
  • Available on: Steam

Hollow Cocoon is a horror game with realistic graphics, but that alone doesn't guarantee a chilling experience. What makes this game from Nayuta Studio so effective is that its story, gameplay, and visuals all work seamlessly together.

The game not only looks realistic but also feels incredibly authentic, creating a strong sense of immersion for the player. This benefits a horror game greatly, of course, as it amplifies the scare factor. Anyway, what exactly makes this game scary? Here's what the devs have to say:

198X: Minato Jinba, a university student, lives away from his parents in a boarding house in the city. One night, Minato receives distressing news from his father, Eiji. Minato's maternal grandmother, Kinu Miyama, is in critical condition. He embarks on a journey to Ichinose, a village deep in the mountains, where his mother was born.

Minato had not seen his grandmother for over a decade and harbors a deep resentment towards her. She had refused to even attend her own daughter's funeral, further intensifying Minato's disdain. As the bus rumbles across the country road, Minato recalls his only conversation with his grandmother.

"-- The thing with silkworms, you know; even if they could leave their cocoons, they have no mouths to eat, and their wings do not fly. They simply lay their eggs and perish."

"People are the reason they suffer this fate."

The sky reddens in the twilight, and the mountains cast an ominous shadow. Minato finds himself in this house. There, he finds himself in a terrifying situation with a shocking truth.

You play as Minato, a student who visits his grandmother's abandoned house. On your way there, you can interact with various mechanical arcade machines mounted on house walls, which adds a delightful touch. You need some spare change to play, however, which you can find scattered throughout the game's slightly larger-than-usual play area.

Once at your grandmother's house, you explore the traditional Japanese home and reflect on various aspects of your past, including a rather morbid conversation with your grandmother. It doesn’t take long before you make a shocking discovery in the backyard. And no, it’s not the many dead chickens.

Instead, you encounter a supernatural creature—a mix between a female Japanese vengeful spirit and a chicken-eating monster. This entity pursues you as you try to solve puzzles and uncover your grandmother's secret. The gameplay is more engaging than it might sound, especially since your pursuer has predator-like eyes and ears.

Therefore, loud noises and flashlight beams can give you away, leaving you with no option but to hide in closets. Only with some luck can you escape the agile creature, which seems to sense you even in the darkest corners. The puzzles in Hollow Cocoon involve simple combinations, but the sought-after objects are hard to come by due to the creature's threat.

Hollow Cocoon is one of those horror games best experienced firsthand. If you're a fan of Japanese horror games and enjoy exploring the country's culture, this game is a must-buy.